Mechanic: Resurrection (2016) Full Movie Online

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Mechanic: Resurrection (2016) Full Movie Online

Directed by : Dennis Gansel

Produced by:
William Chartoff
Frank DeMartini
David Winkler

Written by:
Philip Shelby
Tony Mosher
Rachel Long
Brian Pittman

Based on: Characters 
by Lewis John Carlino
Richard Wenk

Jason Statham
Jessica Alba
Tommy Lee Jones
Michelle Yeoh
Sam Hazeldine
Rhatha Phongam
Natalie Burn

Music by:  Mark Isham

Cinematography: Daniel Gottschalk

Edited by: Ueli Christen

Chartoff-Winkler Productions
Millennium Films

Distributed by :Summit Premiere

Release dates
August 26, 2016 (United States)

Country: United States

Language: English

Status: Waiting

Mechanic: Resurrection is an upcoming American action thriller film directed by Dennis Gansel and written by Philip Shelby, Tony Mosher, Rachel Long and Brian Pittman. It is the sequel to the 2011 film The Mechanic and stars Jason Statham, Tommy Lee Jones, Jessica Alba and Michelle Yeoh. The film is scheduled to be released on August 26, 2016.

After the demise of his partner-turned-enemy Steve McKenna (Ben Foster), Arthur Bishop (Statham), who narrowly escaped from Steve's murder attempt on him, retires as a contract killer. But when his most formidable foe kidnaps the love of his life, he is forced to travel the globe to complete three impossible assassinations, and do what he does best: make them look like accidents.

Jason Statham as Arthur Bishop
Jessica Alba as Gina
Tommy Lee Jones as Max Adams
Michelle Yeoh as Mae
Sam Hazeldine as Riah Crain
Rhatha Phongam as Courier
Natalie Burn as Natalie Stone

On February 4, 2015, Natalie Burn was added to the cast of the film.

Filming began on November 4, 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand.[2] Filming also took place in Bulgaria, George Town, Penang, Brazil and Sydney, Australia.

On November 7, 2014, Lionsgate set the film for a January 22, 2016 release. The film was later moved back to April 15, 2016, and on August 3, 2015, the release was again delayed until August 26, 2016.